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Monday, January 10, 2011

A lego iPhone


small works Lego iPhone caseOk,It’s not literally a Lego lego brick white copyiPhone but it is a cool iPhone case that allows you to attach Lego bricks to it.  This is for the grown up kids. I don’t imagine you want to hand your iPhone to your child to use as a building block for their next creations. Check out the maker Small works at their official site.

lego brick grey


  1. I'd love to put different flat tiles on this and switch them out when i want different designs or colors.

  2. I wouldn't dare get one of these - my daughter would end up incorporating it into one of her 'houses' then it would be ringing and I'd be frantically dismantling to get at it...

    You should check out the Lego Design by Me service by the way - I designed a Space Ship you can see here- and my daughter and I had hours of fun putting it together - it's her favourite set to play with now!